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About us

mappingfinance.org is a joint initiative of International Development Economics Associates (IDEAs) and the Economic Research Foundation in collaboration with the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College and with support from the Ford Foundation under its Reforming Global Financial Governance initiative.
The Context
The global financial crisis revealed that financial markets need the oversight of democratic institutions to ensure transparency and accountability. The rules governing international trade and financial markets are set by a small group of national governments and institutions, with very little participation of the wider community that is affected by them.
To help democratise global financial governance systems, it is important to develop a global public dialogue on alternative governance structures with greater interaction between academia, civil society and policy makers. This initiative is premised on the belief that such interaction would be facilitated by disseminating detailed analyses of financial developments across the world and alternative ideas that are emerging in this context.
The Objective
seeks to contribute to this project by mapping developments in financial sectors, particularly in Asia. It seeks to track and analyse broader global developments, contextualise their impact on emerging economies and trace attempts to regulate financial sectors and address the challenges faced therein. The rapid changes in the global financial architecture and the resultant effects on macroeconomic policies, particularly in the South, are also assessed. The attempt is to provide a platform that would uphold and spread the viewpoints of heterodox and progressive schools of economics, in order to counter the hegemony of the mainstream paradigm that has led to the financial fragility adversely affecting the world today.
The Collaborators

International Development Economics Associates (IDEAs)
is a pluralist network of progressive economists across the world, engaged in research, teaching and dissemination of critical analyses of economic policy and development. Its members are motivated by the need to strengthen and develop alternatives to the current mainstream economic paradigm as formulated by the neoliberal orthodoxy. The organisation is based in the South and led by economists based in several developing countries, but membership of the network is open to all those committed to developing and using alternative heterodox tools of economic analysis appropriate for meeting contemporary development challenges.
Economic Research Foundation (ERF)
is a registered, not-for-profit trust, engaged in research, training and the dissemination of information and analysis in the area of development economics. It seeks to encourage the generation and dissemination of alternative policies aimed at alleviating deprivation and to build capacity for formulating and implementing such policies. The Foundation also maintains the website www.macroscan.org, which is designed to cater to professional economists, policy makers, legislators, civil society activists as well as concerned citizens. 
The Levy Institute of Bard College
is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public policy research organization that encourages diversity of opinion in the examination of economic policy issues while striving to transform ideological arguments into informed debate. The ultimate purpose of all of the Levy Institute's research and activities is to serve the wider policymaking community in the United States and the rest of the world by enabling scholars and leaders in business, labour, and government to work together on problems of common interest.




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