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C.P. Chandrasekhar, Jayati Ghosh
Wednesday 04 September, 2013
The crisis engulfing the Indian economy is expected to affect the corporates and the infrastructural projects burdened with large debt, impacting the Indian banking sector.
C.P. Chandrasekhar
Tuesday 14 May, 2013
The shift from debt-financed public expenditure to debt-financed private expenditure-led growth in India has resulted in increased dependence on foreign capital and vulnerability.
Jayati Ghosh
Monday 12 November, 2012
Apart from the paltry amount, UK aid to India does not even help in filling the gaps in particular development concerns that are evident in official or other local spending.
Syed Akmal Hussain
Sunday 19 August, 2012
Chronic problem of Pakistan's aid dependency is in its economic structure of low domestic savings rates and limited capacity to earn foreign exchange revenues via exports.
Jayati Ghosh
Tuesday 13 March, 2012
Recent Bilateral Investment Treaties, signed by India, can have far-reaching and typically negative implications because of the sweeping protections afforded to investors.



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