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Financial Instability

Jayati Ghosh
Wednesday 25 May, 2011
Whether the IMF's next head is a European woman or a man from a developing country doesn't matter as whoever it is must change the way the institution works.
Jayati Ghosh
Monday 11 April, 2011
The recent natural disaster in Japan adds to the economic and financial woes with the market responding with capital flight and stock market prices plummeting.
Aldo Caldiari
Wednesday 16 March, 2011
The author analyses the Dodd-Frank Act in terms of how much the civil society could influence it in competition with the powerful finance capital lobby.
Sergio Cesaratto
Friday 28 January, 2011
A better designed Europe, with fiscal and monetary coordination, and fiscal policies aimed to correct the infra-European imbalances is unlikely to be accepted by Germany.
Randal Wray
Tuesday 08 June, 2010
Prof. Randal Wray talks about Hyman Minsky and how he predicted correctly the present financial crisis some 50 years ago.
Jayati Ghosh
Thursday 29 April, 2010
Prof. Jayati Ghosh talks about the need to restructure the Bretton Woods institutions in the context of the financial crisis.
Prabhat Patnaik
Thursday 13 August, 2009
Prof. Prabhat Patnaik explains the present global crisis in terms of what led to this situation and its impact on India.



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