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C.P. Chandrasekhar
Wednesday 30 March, 2016
Substantial accumulation of bad debt in the domestic banking systems of India and China seems to be proving too heavy a burden to bear when the good times are disappearing.
C.P. Chandrasekhar
Friday 19 February, 2016
While presenting a positive picture of the Pakistan economy the IMF conceals the fact that Pakistan’s role as an on-and-off strategic partner of the US has undermined its ability to find an independently funded growth strategy.
C.P. Chandrasekhar, Jayati Ghosh
Tuesday 19 January, 2016
While much concern being expressed about the weakening rupee, it is not the past record that is the problem; rather, its likely direction in the near future is a cause for worry.
C.P. Chandrasekhar, Jayati Ghosh
Monday 28 December, 2015
The perception that investors looking for above average returns can turn to the stock market so long as they are willing to stay invested for extended periods doesn’t hold.
C.P. Chandrasekhar
Tuesday 06 October, 2015
A pullout by FIIs underlies the market decline is broadly agreed upon, but that the decline would have been much greater but for a contrary entry of retail investors is less commented on.
C.P. Chandrasekhar, Jayati Ghosh
Tuesday 29 September, 2015
Underlying a recent surge in assets managed by mutual funds is a revival of retail investor interest in equity at a time when foreign institutional investors are turning bearish.
C.P. Chandrasekhar, Jayati Ghosh
Tuesday 18 August, 2015
The sudden depreciation of Chinese currency, that has impacted global markets, may be an attempt to revive export growth and provide stimulus to growth to the flagging economy.
C.P. Chandrasekhar
Monday 17 August, 2015
Even though SIT strongly recommends that PNs should be phased out if they cannot be made more transparent, they are unlikely to be banned as the government fears investor exit.
C.P. Chandrasekhar, Jayati Ghosh
Tuesday 04 August, 2015
The boom bust cycles in China’s stock markets question the government’s view that there is much to be gained from deregulating them.
Jayati Ghosh
Wednesday 22 July, 2015
The negative impacts of China’s stock market collapse, falling exports and the explosion of debt are not just felt within the economy but across the globe.



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