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Financial Structures

C.P. Chandrasekhar, Jayati Ghosh
Monday 15 October, 2012
While growth slows down in India, the only index faring well is the Sensex. The short term speculators armed with central bank's cheap credit and easy money policies have helped it remain high though volatile.
C.P. Chandrasekhar
Thursday 27 September, 2012
C.P. Chandrasekhar speaks on "India in the Global Economy: Finance", where he speaks about the changes that have taken place in terms of India's relationship with global finance and its implications.
Jayati Ghosh
Tuesday 26 June, 2012
India probably would be better off without the destabilising influence of the external credit rating agencies’ downgrading of India's rating outlook as a sovereign borrower.
Ilene Grabel
Wednesday 11 April, 2012
The paper argues that the current crisis is proving to be productive of institutional experimentation in the realm of financial architecture(s) in the developing world.
C.P. Chandrasekhar
Friday 24 February, 2012
Although the use of the banking system as a development instrumentality in China has been useful, there are a host of new problems that has cropped up.
Andrew Cornford
Wednesday 22 February, 2012
Post-crisis this paper revisits the debate on effect of GATS rules of prudential measures and financial sector reforms on banking services and regulatory architecture.
Jayati Ghosh
Saturday 18 February, 2012
The USA and the European Countries zealously control the IMF and the World Bank on flimsy grounds. It is high time for reorganisation according to the new world realities.
Wednesday 18 January, 2012
The seminar was organized on following broad themes – the dominance of finance, dynamism in the periphery, economic integration and its impact, and food and agrarian crises.
Thursday 08 December, 2011
This policy brief focuses on distinctive features of the financial sector in Singapore and identifies the circumstances and policies that endowed it with relative stability.
Wednesday 07 December, 2011
The conference examined progressive alternatives to sustained recovery from current financial turmoil and emerging markets’ role in the ensuing production and other shifts.



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